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    • Suspect Escapes from Starr Co. Authorities

      Luis Alfredo Salinas, 21, was detained Friday morning following a drug bust by Border Patrol agents.

    • Donna Woman Unable to Hold Garage Sale Due to Regulations

      She says rain caused her to cancel the garage sale meant to help her mother, who is a cancer survivor, with medical bills.

    • Port Isabel Police have charged a woman with assault and criminal trespassing.

    • Shrimp Boat Owners Face Shortage of Workers

      They say strict government regulations have prevented them from getting the visa foreign workers need.  

    • Mexican drug cartel leader set for federal trial

      A 38-year-old man authorities describe as a former leader of the Zetas drug cartel in Mexico is scheduled for a federal court trial starting Monday in Waco on charges of conspiracy to traffic drugs inland through...