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Weather Links

National Hurricane Center

Brownsville NEXAR Radar
Intellicast Base Reflectivity

South Texas Radar
Intellicast Radar Summary

TxDOT Road Conditions

This Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission site provides links to the latest close-up satellite imagery of the Lower Rio Grande Valley

National Weather Service - Brownsville
The National Weather Service in Brownsville maintains this excellent website containing links to radar and satellite images, computer forecasts, hydrology, climatology, aviation forecasts and more

The International Boundary and Water Commission reports the latest information on the levels of Falcon and Amistad Reservoirs on this website. Detailed reports are updated weekly.

Rio Grande River Conditions
This is another IBWC website. Here you'll find the latest Rio Grande River flow conditions, updated daily.

The Interactive Weather Information Network provides up to date satellite and radar images of the entire United States. In addtion, local weather watches and warnings can be found with links to weather around the world.

TV Weather
In addition to being a good site to find national weather data, you'll find useful links to televitison weather departments all across the country. You'll also find links to weather related companies, weathercams, weather instrument vendors and more.

This is the official website of the National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center. Pretty much everything you want to know about tropical weather, including hurricanes threatening the South Texas coastline, can be found here.

Here's a site where you can find amazing photographs taken from space of significant events around the world. The Operational Significant Event Imagery website includes photos of hurricanes, volcanoes, forrest fires, floods and dust storms.

Sky View Cafe
This is an awesome website detailing the nite sky! A quick look at the map of the sky and you'll be able to go outside and figure out just which planets and stars you're seeing. The Sky View Cafe map is updated each minute - and can be programmed specifically for your location.

Just for Kids

Weather Resources for Kids

Weather Wiz Kids Hurricane Page

National Weather Service and Owlie Skywarn (PDF)

FEMA for Kids: Hurricanes

UCAR's Web Weather for Kids Hurricane Page

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