Student of the Week: Vanessa Galvan

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Vanessa Galvan is a senior at Veterans Memorial High School. At just 18, her hard work and compassion for others is really paying off. 

While in school, Galvan’s taken part in a number of clubs and organizations. 

"I always remember her coming into the counseling office since she was a freshman. She always wanted to take all the dual enrollment classes and all the AP classes we had to offer," said VMHS school counselor Selene Villarreal. 

Vanessa has even done her fair share of volunteering. 

This year, Galvan is the president of the HOSA Future Health Professionals Organization. It's a duty she doesn't take lightly.

As a leader, Galvan is supportive and helps her fellow members reach their goals. It's the experiences through HOSA, and her compassion, that assures Galvan she wants to pursue a career in nursing. 

"It's really taught me a lot,” Galvan said. “It really just brings it out of me. I want to physically be there and rehabilitate people if I can. I want to help them through their journey of illness."

Vanessa also has a lot of support behind her. 

"I want to be the change that I want to make in the world," Galvan said.

And that's why Vanessa Galvan is this week’s Student of the Week. 


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