Advertising Information

What does it take to bring customers into your business?

One of the best ways is television advertising. With over 349,000 households in the Rio Grande Valley, more potential customers will see and hear about your product or service. Only TV advertising offers advertisers the benefits of reaching that many households! No other medium can cover the RGV like TV and CHANNEL 5 NEWS. Not radio, billboard, nor newspaper. Our viewers comprise up to 80% of the buying power in the Rio Grande Valley.

What does it take to produce a TV commercial?

All it takes is knowledge of your business and one strong quality (USP: Unique Selling Point) which sets you apart from your competitors. Our team of Account Executives, Creative Service Directors and a skilled production team will mold information about your product or service into an effective message.

How long will it take to produce my commercial?

On average, one TV commercial requires one to three hours of shooting time and one to three hours of edit time.

How much will it cost to produce my commercial?

Depending on the complexity of the creative idea, the location and the length of the commercial, an effective commercial can be produced from 2 to 6 hours. Rates can be quoted by the hour or by the commercial.

How much will it cost to air my commercial?

With correct qualitative research and marketing to target your customer, your commercial schedule will have an effective return on investment designed to fit any budget. Our account executives work hard on ensuring both placement and budget achieve maximum ROI.

Benefits of Production with KRGV CHANNEL 5 NEWS

In-house marketing partnership consisting of:

  • Account Executive - One of our team of Account Executives will guide you through the entire process of planning, marketing and getting a return on your investment. Our best clients are repeat clients. Why? A well-planned marketing campaign on CHANNEL 5 NEWS delivers the audience that drives the economy in the RGV.
  • Creative Director - An in-house creative director will construct a message based on information you provide about your business, the aspect of your business you'd like to promote, and the audience you are trying to reach. The creative director will then oversee the entire production from start to finish. Finally, the director will execute a commercial designed to get you results. Your success is our success.
  • On-Location Production Crew - When a location shoot is required, in addition to the Creative Director, a skilled production team will come to the location to shoot, light and record sound for your commercial using the latest in professional digital technology.
  • Editor - You can also utilize an in-house editor who, along with the creative director, will edit your commercial using video, graphics, special effects, audio, and music on state-of-the-art software from AVID, recognized as the leader in the motion picture and television industry.

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Below is general information about advertising on KRGV.com:

Banner ad sizes available:

300x250 pixels
728x90 pixels
980x30 (expands to 980x300)

File formats accepted:

.swf (see note below)

NOTE: All files must be below 40 kb. Flash 8/ActionScript 2 files accepted. Looping is available up to a maximum of four times. Animations are accepted with a time limit of 15 seconds.

KRGV.com rolls a commercial up to 15 seconds in length before videos play. These are called pre-rolls. They appear throughout the site, including the expanded player and the media center.

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