Controversy Over Funding Denial for Center of Abused Children in Starr County

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RIO GRANDE CITY – Starr County law enforcement reports a spike in sex crimes, as controversy builds over funding denial for a center for abused children.

The Butterfly Haven would have joined the Ayuda Center as the second resource facility for victims in Starr County.

The governor's office decided not to help with funding after a local district attorney raised concerns.

"What it was really proposing was to basically supplant, in other words, replace what was already in existence. So, that was the first concern," says Omar Escobar Jr., Starr County District Attorney.

Dr. Daria Babineaux, leading the project on Butterfly Haven explained, "Not at all. I think that we've been practicing in an under-served area for over 17 years. We barely have the bare-minimum of the services almost in any arena."

The funding decision is expected Friday.


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