Denied Workers' Compensation Claims Explained

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MISSION – Some Mission firefighters are facing cancer battles. One took his fight to lawmakers and managed to change workmans' compensation laws.

First responders who get cancer can file claims. The trend shows they'll more than likely be initially denied.

Last week, CHANNEL 5 NEWS heard from Mission firefighters who had their workers' comp claims denied.

A biennial report from the Department of Insurance showed the denial rate is high.

From 2010 to 2018, 87% of the total claims were denied. From 2010 through this year, the highest denial rate was in 2017.

That's when 97%  of claims were not initially granted. The lowest denial rate is this year, so far with a denial rate of 43%, the lowest in this decade.

It’s important to note that the claims filed have steadily increased over this time period.

In 2018, 58 claims were filed. Once a claim is denied, the applicant can appeal the claim.


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