Hidalgo Co. Constables Out of Funding for Border Support

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MISSION - The influx of migrants at the border is burning through Hidalgo County law enforcement’s funding faster than usual.

The Constables with Hidalgo County Precinct Three patrol the Anzalduas Park.

They tell us Border patrol has asked them for more assistance; however they can't provide it because they're out of funding for border support.

Constable Larry Gallardo says they usually help CBP patrol Anzalduas at night.

"Once the sun goes down it's a whole different ball game,” says Gallardo.

Funds for after-hours come from state and federal government; no funding means no extra patrols outside of normal business hours.

Gallardo says they're asking Border Patrol for more funding.

This is not the first time Constable says they have run out of money.

He tells us more funds have been awarded through the state and federal government, but right now they're tied up in paperwork.

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