Mission Residents Concerned over People Passing Through Property

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MISSION – The safety of a Mission neighborhood is in question. 

Those who live in Madero, a small community in the southern area of the city, are concerned over a weekly disturbance. 

They tell CHANNEL 5 NEWS people who cross the border illegally, pass through their yards to avoid border patrol. 

The occurrence is known in the neighborhood to happen at least two to three times a week. 

The latest run-through occurred around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday. 

Louis Macias says the dogs alarmed him with their barking. 

“About eight, nine guys were coming by. They ended up turning right here to my yard. I told them not to come through here. Either way, they still came through here and they went down the side of the house,” says Macías. 

He says the group created a lot of commotion. 

“Border Patrol was following them, chasing them. Next thing we knew, there was a bunch of cops. Having people coming around your yard late at night, it could scare people. Especially that there's a lot of older ladies here, they're by themselves. To be going through that, it's really no good,” he says.

Macías says the group that passed through his yard crushed his neighbor’s plants on the way out. 

“I would hate for them to be damaging my property. I heard stories where they push down a wooden fence. That costs money. I know they are just trying to get away. They're harmless, but you never know,” he says. 

The Rio Grande, also known as the U.S. - Mexico barrier, lies right across the street from the Madero neighborhood. That distance is just under a mile. 

Agents can be spotted along the river scouting. 

CHANNEL 5 NEWS asked how they are protecting the neighborhood. 

Agent Robert Rodriguez sent this statement: 

“The Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol sector currently leads the nation in illegal alien apprehensions and narcotic seizures. As Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla, Jr. has continuously stated, additional personnel, technology, and infrastructure are needed to achieve operational control of the border and to ultimately keep the citizens of our communities safe.” 

Macías thinks the situation could be avoided if he had a fence around his home. 

His family is saving up for one. They hope to have it by next year. 

Border patrol advises residents not to get involved in any activity that may go on near their homes. Instead, they urge them to report incidents directly by calling 800-863-9382. 

As far as police presence for the area, the constable’s office and Mission police are stepping up neighborhood patrols. 

Hidalgo County Precinct 3 Constable Lazaro Gallardo says, as the neighborhood is under Mission police jurisdiction, he plans to help them out when needed. He will notify his command staff to patrol the area. 

Mission’s Lieutenant Jody A. Tittle also says he will alert his overnight patrol shift of the continuous activity in Madero. 


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