Mobile Unit Provides RGV Residents with Free Screenings

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RAYMONDVILLE – Many diabetics in the Rio Grande Valley lack access to medical resources especially if they don’t have health insurance.

A local clinic is traveling around the Valley offering free screenings for anyone. Casa De Amigos housing manager Leslie Flores said Willacy County is one of the most needed areas.

The Valley Care Clinics Mobile Health unit traveled to the city of Raymondville Friday morning to provide free health screenings for the people.

Flores said it’s something they needed.

“By having them provide this by going to our workplace, it’s just for our center residents and participants. We can also take advantage of it as well because we have to take care of ourselves,” she said.

Flores works with senior citizens at Casa De Amigos in Brownsville. She said there is a need for awareness and education in the community regarding diabetes and preventative care.

“Having the people come in to get this information and resources that they provide for them is not only beneficial to them but also to their family,” she said.

Resident Edward Flores Jr. said he made the decision to improve his lifestyle with the help of his children.

“My kids made me come and do it, you know, (I) had to come and do it. Check the blood pressure,” he said.

According to Valley Care Clinics physician assistant Raven Chavez, the first step in the process is of much importance.

“You let it go uncontrolled, complications can happen… You might feel okay, but it’s causing underlying damage that can be permanent or irreversible,” she said.

Chavez works on the mobile unit and spends her days traveling all over the Valley. She said their work helps people get the care they need.

“There’s a lot of people who have diabetes and blood pressure problems, and they need medicine to control those conditions better,” she said.

Flores said he was also able to get screened today for the first time.

“You’re never too old to start living a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

Chavez said the mobile unit makes daily stops in various locations around the Valley. To find out where it will be, she urged people to contact them at 956-388-3042 to get their free screening.


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