Moderna working on hybrid Covid and flu vaccine

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Moderna is working to develop a new single-dose vaccine that would act as a booster shot against COVID-19 and the flu.

In a statement, the chief executive officer of Moderna said "we believe this is just the beginning of a new age of information-based medicines."

Hidalgo County Health Authority Dr. Ivan Melendez says this would be a major accomplishment, not just for the drug company, but also for health science.

"What I'm excited about is the technology itself,” Dr. Melendez said. “It is amazing about how we're now thinking of using these templates, these formats to attack all different types of diseases."

Dr. Melendez says combining vaccines is not new to the medical world.

Dr. Melendez also predicts there will be an increase in flu cases this year - which has the potential to make Covid that much worse.


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