Mother claims innocence of son accused in Harlingen murder of her brother who went missing in 2017

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A three-year investigation to find a missing Harlingen attorney has come to a close. On Friday, police confirmed human remains discovered on a La Feria property this week are of Ernesto “El Gallito” Gonzales.

The suspect accused for Gonzales’ murder is his nephew — 43-year-old Salomon Campos Jr.

Aliceia Campos, Salomon’s mother, says she was supposed to meet her brother, Gonzales, on a July morning in 2017, but he never showed up.

According to a cell phone timeline obtained by CHANNEL 5 NEWS, Gonzales’ phone signal started at his residence at 3 a.m. and at one point appeared at a goat farm on Kansas City Road and then at another location four hours later, where the signal was cut off.

Three years later, the Harlingen attorney’s remains were found on the goat farm property.

Aliceia says she hasn’t spoken to her son in eight years, because of family issues, a common situation documented to the week Gonzales went missing. She believes Salomon is innocent.

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