Rancher Claims Neighbor Running Illegal Gun Range

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EDINBURG – A rancher claims his neighbor should be held accountable for the death of his bull.

Ruben Elizondo says he was feeding his herd of eight cattle when he noticed there was only seven and smelled a strong odor.

He says he found his bull dead on the property and called the Edinburg police.

Elizondo is now accusing his neighbors of operating an illegal gun range.

“I just want the law to do their job because my granddaughter comes out here; I have videos of her helping me feed the cows,” he says.

He worries his granddaughter could get shot.

Edinburg police say they have evidence there was an illegal discharge of a weapon within city limits.

However, police add there is no evidence that suggests Elizondo’s bull was killed by a bullet.

No charges have been filed yet; police say this is an active investigation.

For more information, watch the video above.


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