Scorpions Could Be Seen in Valley Homes Due to Increase in Temperatures

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NEAR ALTON – Hot weather means scorpions are looking for ways inside homes.

The state’s Natural Resources Authority explains people can expect to see more scorpions because of the hot, dry weather conditions.

Local resident Debra Cavazos says she sees lots of critters around her home, especially on hot days.

She recently found a scorpion in her home and killed it before it could sting her or her dogs.

KRGV’s Christian von Preysing spoke with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Agent Danielle Sekula to learn how to prevent having this issue.

Texas AgriLife recommends sealing gaps, preventing tree branches from touching the house, and avoid keeping wood inside or piled up in close proximity to the home. A list of approved insecticides is available online

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