Walmart Facing Copycat Threats

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WESLACO - Walmart stores across the country are facing copy cat threats of active shooters.

All of it happened just days after the deadly El Paso shooting.

A 13-year-old boy is behind bars, charged with a third degree felony and facing up to 10 years after threatening a Weslaco store in an Instagram post.

Just before 11 p.m. Weslaco police responded to the Walmart store on North Texas after 911 calls reported a threatening Instagram post.

Shoppers and employees were sent home unharmed and Walmart closed its doors for the night.

But for a community already feeling the weight of a mass shooting in a similar border town 800 miles away, threats are damaging.

"You feel fear because you can't even feel comfortable shopping for day-to-day things."

Weslaco Police Department officer Eric Hernandez has a plea for parents.

"Keep tabs on your children. In this case, it is a 13 year old child. He did have access to internet. He did have access to social media pages. As a parent, we ask that you monitor your children."

Remind them how serious the consequences are.


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