Beaumont Evacuees Return Home to Devastation

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BEAUMONT – People near Beaumont are being allowed back into their homes a week after Harvey.

People lined up along a stretch of Highway 105 to reach their homes after several neighborhoods reopened.

Beaumont resident Cliff Johnson checked on the people until a go ahead to go back to the neighborhood was given.

Inside his home, Johnson finds a mess of broken furniture, soggy fixtures and lost heirlooms. He said he looked out for his neighbors and held on as long as he could.

“I was the third or fourth to the last. So, at least I found out there were three or four more hardheaded than me out here,” he told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

The Xs mark the height of rescue boats when they came to check for survivors. Johnson said he thought he could ride out the storm.

“This by far surpasses anything I’ve ever seen… (I) thought I was going to die and I was worried about my grandson,” he said. “We walked down to that street, walked up on Tram Road and walked out to the intersection out there.”

Johnson said the water level was almost up to his shoulder.

The neighborhood is close knit. Johnson said neighbors him the local sheriff.

Resident Kenny Vaughan also checked every last corner for distress.

“When they walk in, it’s just an emotional trauma. I mean, it’s just a wreck. But you get the carpet out, you get the furniture out and you clean the floors and there’s a sign of hope,” he said.

Vaughan said elderly neighbors will have trouble with repairs. He said he plans to bring in a team of workers to help out.

“Within about four hours, with four men, we can make a big difference and get the hope back in,” he said.

It’s a difference that will help bring the neighborhood back to what it was.

Residents said they will likely take advantage of a supply distribution point in the area. The State National Guard is also handling food and water to those in need. 


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