Cameron County considering abandoning roads for SpaceX use

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Roads around the SpaceX Boca Chica facility may be abandoned by the county.

Cameron County commissioners discussed the request by SpaceX during their Tuesday commissioners’ court meeting.

If approved, the county would abandon portions of Remedios Avenue, Joanna Street, Annette Street and Lucero Court so the company can use the roads to work and keep people at a distance.

Representative Alex Dominguez, who has property on Remedios Avenue, was one of the citizens who expressed concern at the proposal during the meeting.

“I’ve been troubled by this,” Dominguez said. “I know other property owners that own property there and pay taxes there were not given proper notice not just of this meeting, but of the intent…I disagree with it philosophically."

The item was tabled, but Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño says it would not impact any property owners.

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