City of Weslaco Upgrading All Traffic Lights

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UPDATE (8/24): The city of Weslaco started work to fix traffic lights that were being directly hit by sunlight and created confusion among drivers. 

Officials say they're changing all of them to brighter LEDs. They've also ordered replacement sun visors and back visors. 

Work should be complete in the next two or four weeks. 

Watch the video above for more information. 


WESLACO – Crews with the city of Weslaco are inspecting all traffic lights to see if they need an upgrade.

For over an hour during morning commute time on Wednesday, our crews saw confused drivers running red lights or not accelerating when the light was green.  

KRGV’s Taylor Winkel stopped by the Weslaco Public Works Department to talk about the problem. 

They say they’ll be checking to see if new LEDs, new visors or new back shields are needed to make the roads safer ahead of the new school year.


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