Gov't Files Lawsuits Aimed at Seizing Private Land for Border Wall

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DONNA - The rush is on to complete 500 miles of border barrier before the end of 2020 as one of President Donald Trump's signature campaign promises.

The federal government is filing lawsuits in an effort to seize private land through eminent domain.

President Trump promised an increase to border security through legislation and a new border wall along the U.S. - Mexico border.

So far only 90 miles of that wall has been built, the majority being held up through court battles and funding issues.

Now a new round of lawsuits aimed at seizing private land for the wall is being sent to the courts.

Department of Justice lawyers filed three lawsuits in the month of December and say they're ready to file more in the coming weeks

Right now at least six Valley land owners are in negotiations with the federal government over their land.

Many say they will fight to keep their land, while others are working to reach an agreement.

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