Local Bakery Prepares for Busiest Time of Year

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PHARR – Many bakeries around the Rio Grande Valley adapt their menu to fit the festive mood during the holidays. It’s the busiest time of year for the baked goods business.

A local bakery finds ways to prepare for the holiday rush.

“I feel like it becomes a Black Friday. We have people trying, fighting for the products but it’s fun, it’s exciting,” De Alba Bakery General Manager Leo Lara said.

The De Alba Bakery in Pharr really gets into the holiday spirit.

“Our gingerbread man, our snowflakes and then we have… Christmas decorated items,” Lara pointed out.

He said this time of year they have certain festive creations which see a rise in sales, like their buñuelos.

“This is like a flour tortilla that has been cooked with cinnamon and sugar has a very crisp taste. It’s super good, I like it a lot,” Lara said.

Another one of their hottest selling pastries is the concha, which only takes 18 minutes to bake after preparation.

With the delicious treats comes a very high demand, this time of the year they serve about 1,000 customers a day throughout their four locations.

“It becomes very stressful. Some of them come in at 1 o’clock in the morning and they won’t leave til 1, 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Sometimes later depending on the amount of work,” he said.

The general manager said the work they put in draws a taste nationwide.

“From Chicago, Alabama, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee,” he said.

Lara said pastries are a sweet part of the holidays.


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