NWS Meteorologist Advises to Stay Prepared Even as El Nino Weakens

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BROWNSVILLE – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center forecasts El Niño conditions to transition into a neutral state within the next couple of months.

This could allow tropical activity to pick up, but Tropical Storm Barry proved that even in an active El Niño pattern, tropical activity can still happen.

The National Weather Service is pushing preparedness, especially after the climate pattern center forecasts El Niño, a weather phenomenon that hinders Atlantic activity, to weaken.

Barry Goldsmith, a NWS meteorologist, says even with the possibility of the Atlantic coming alive, the Gulf of Mexico is a wildcard.

Goldsmith says we just have to look back in 1983, when Hurricane Alicia formed from an old front, causing a cluster of thunderstorms in the Gulf of Mexico to create the Category 3 hurricane.

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