NWS Meteorologist: Various Factors Determine Drought to Impact Valley

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BROWNSVILLE – Record rains in June left the drought monitor in the Rio Grande Valley on the positive side – for now.

Periods of drought are nothing new in Texas, but what you might now know is rainfall is only part of the equation when it comes to calculating drought.

The president of Texas Citrus Mutual, Dale Murden, knows after the June flooding, it’s been a struggle for growers.

“Irrigation water, again, while we’re blessed to have it, it just helps us sustain. We need that sweet water from the sky to promote growth and good health overall,” said Murden.

Without rain water, Murden adds the growing season will be a tough one.

The second factor to a drought also impacted by the atmospheric pattern.

A meteorologist with the National Weather Service says being by the coast helps the Valley stay out of the drought for the most part.

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