Police Continue Searching for 2 Thieves Using Stolen Handgun

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BROWNSVILLE – Brownsville police continue looking for two men they said used a stolen handgun in two robberies.

Police said one of the suspects, 19-year-old Hector Zarate, broke into a car on Washington Street around 1 a.m. Wednesday and took a handgun from the vehicle.

Brownsville police spokesman J.J. Trevino said 22-year-old Edxion Mata Gonzalez then used the gun in two robberies at two different gas stations.

Trevino confirmed the stolen gun is registered to city commissioner Ben Neece. He’d left the gun in the parked car when it was broken into.

He said Neece immediately reported the incident to police.

“You need to report it, basically. Because it gets entered into our system, into our national system, to where if this weapon is ever used, the officer or the department – whoever locates it – can run the number, the serial number and it will tell them where this gun came from,” he said.

Trevino said the gun has not been recovered.

The two suspects remain on the run and are considered armed and dangerous.

Brownsville police is offering a $1,500 reward for information leading to Gonzalez’s and Zarate’s arrest.


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