Shopper Remains in Fear after Walmart Shooting Threat

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WESLACO - A Weslaco Walmart was evacuated earlier this week after a threat over social media went viral.

It turned out to be a false alarm, but it left people who were inside the store shaken.

Delilah Rodriguez, her daughter and her little sister were among the shoppers evacuated from the store as a precaution.  

"I don't want to go to any stores. Like I never thought it would be here", says Rodriguez.

Outside the store there was a scene Rodriguez thought she would only see in movies, a parking lot full of officers with assault rifles.

Now she says she just doesn't feel safe.

Linda Cantu with South Texas Behavioral Health says it’s natural to have these fears.

She tells us even if threats aren't real, they can still leave lasting effects, like the fear of being in public places.

If you feel like you want to talk with a professional, South Texas Behavioral Health offers free counseling and is open 24 hours a day.

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