SpaceX Test Aborted, Will Resume Tuesday

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BOCA  CHICA - SpaceX says they will try to launch the Starhopper again on Tuesday.

That test "aborted" this Monday.

Boca chica was closed from the road and from the air.

The closure far from the Boca Chica launch site wasn't far enough to keep away onlookers.

Ignacio Castillo got all the updates he could over his phone.

A small crowd was hoping for a chance to catch any glimpse, even from 14 miles away, of the hop that was planned to rise as high as 500 feet.

As launch time approached, a gush of vapor on the pad signaled the end of the attempt.

People realized they wouldn't get the show they hoped for today.

The SpaceX team aborted the launch Monday just after 6 pm, but they’re  planning to start right up again.

Watch the video for the full story.


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