Student of the Week: Bryan Lopez (Pt. 1)

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If I look up, I see the ceiling constructed by my dad around the time I was born. I’ve known this house he built for us in the run-down community of San Carlos my whole life. I can remember growing up alongside this house as it gained new furniture and I gained a couple inches to match. Although times weren’t their best, it only solidified my parents’ view. They put a premium on an education. My parents would do everything in their power to send us to school.

Mathematics has always been my favorite subject. Since 2nd grade, I’ve been competing in UIL Mathematics alongside my team. During high school, I got into more clubs and got to know many more amazing people in the Tennis team, Chess team, Choralier choir group, and Mock Trial. Now, as co-captain of an amazing, regional qualifying math team, I strive to learn in a collaborative environment that promotes growth as a whole.

I aspire to be a Computer Programmer and Electrical Engineer. I want to develop the new technology and software for today’s technologically growing world. This same passion is what led me to enroll for an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science project course with MIT’s MOSTEC program. I loved every second of it. I want to improve our interactions with this technology for future generations because I believe therein lies the key to our advancement as a people.

I don’t expect my family to be able to contribute to my college tuition. My goal is to graduate and go to college without my family giving me so much as a penny. I hope to honor the dreams of my wide-eyed 4 year old self that stared at NASA spaceships for fun by being one of those amazing scientists he admired so much.


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