Valley Made, Local Strong: Reybotics

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One business is making sure the next generation of scientists and engineers have whatever they need to be successful in whatever field they choose.

Welcome to Reybotics in Mercedes, where they strive to motivate the next generation of STEM students.

Heriberto Reynoso is an engineer who wanted to bring his talents back to the Valley, and he's doing that through his company, Reybotics.

"So we embark on this journey with youth and with teachers at Head Start centers across the Valley, as well as elementaries, to go on this journey with young students to engage with them and have hands-on activities through this curriculum," Reynoso said.

Everywhere you look in here you'll find a robot or machine that's sure to impress. Some of them, are even made by students.

From drones to robot arms, their curriculum has it all. It's not just land based robots. The company also works with drones.

They even developed face shields for companies throughout the Valley. But they're most famous for the work they do in elementary schools with their Mars Rover prototypes.

So, the next time you're looking to order some face shields, or your class needs a little STEM inspiration contact Reybotics in Mercedes through Facebook: They're Valley Made, and Local Strong.


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