Weslaco Neighborhood Calls for Prevention Action After Flood

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WESLACO – The rain Tuesday impacted cities across the Rio Grande Valley.

A neighborhood in Weslaco experienced flooding and needed crews to pump out the water.

The neighborhood is located at Quail Hollow and Border.

While the area was flooded, many of the people who live there were unable to leave their homes. In some spots, the water in the street was almost knee deep.

"It's upsetting and I think a lot of people in the neighborhood are upset about it," said Dina Murillo who lives off Quail Hollow.

She said the flooding took many by surprise, "My neighbor, her husband is in Houston right now. We were helping her with sand bags in front of her home."

The sight is reminiscent of the severe flooding two years ago in this area.

"You know we can't keep going through this every single time," said Murillo.

City crews worked to get the water out.

"What's causing the flooding in the neighborhood is a drainage ditch that is at capacity," said Antonio Lopez the Weslaco emergency manager.

Lopez said the reason the ditch filled quickly is because the water is having a difficult time draining.

"If you were to peek over the guardrail, you do see a lot of trash and everything at the head of the drainage ditch. So we're thinking that's probably what it is," said Lopez.

For now Murillo said her home is safe, "If it continues to rain or we get another big downpour I think we would be in some trouble."

Lopez said they will continue to monitor the area this week and will see what can be done to prevent this in the future.


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