3 La Joya Races Head into Runoff Election

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LA JOYA - The votes are in and in La Joya, the city will have to do it all again soon.

In the state of Texas, if there are more than two candidates on the ballot, to win they must bring in 50% plus one vote.

If they don't, the race has to go to a run-off.

Incumbent Fito Salinas took in just 34% of the vote, the highest vote getter, Isidro Casanova took 48%, and third place went to Jaime Gaitan.

Because none of these candidates got over 50% of the votes, Salinas and Casanova will face off in a run-off election.

In the commissioner place 2 race, Roger Hernandez, Daniel Flores Junior, and Sylvia Cerda Oxford all squared off.

The commissioner place 4 race was just as close.

Laura Mendiola Macias came away with 768 votes, Dalia Arriaga had 495 votes, and Aurora Ruiz had 286 votes.

All these votes still have to be canvassed before they're official.

Once that's done, the city of La Joya will set a run-off date.

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