Audit reveals issues within Weslaco ISD's HR department

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A recent audit is bringing attention to the hiring process at the Weslaco Independent School District.

School board trustees met during a special meeting Tuesday to discuss the audit and the district's human resources department, among other related matters.

During the meeting, the district announced new HR directors and presented a Summary of Action Plan following the inspections' findings of issues within Weslaco ISD's HR department and their payments to vendors and contractors.

The audit revealed that in January 2014, the district decided to skip over their top candidate for an HR administrator position. The school board tabled the motion and waited ten months for Melva Segura to receive a bachelor's degree and fill the position. 

In less than a year, Segura was promoted to HR Director, and her salary more than doubled, although the position called for a master's degree. 

The findings showed as many as 12 other candidates with Master's degrees were passed on.

The same audit showed Segura also played a role in the hiring of two of her children.

Segura was reassigned, and the district announced two new hires within their HR department. 

The district says it's pushing towards more transparency and communication to regain the community's trust. 


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