Border land to be returned to Los Ebanos family

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A Valley family could finally get their land along the U.S.-Mexico border back after the government took it for border wall construction. 

Texas Civil Rights Lawyer Ricky Garza says about two weeks ago, the case of one family from Los Ebanos was settled; now they're only a judge's signature away from getting their land back. 

Although Garza says construction on a physical border wall has stopped, he says land along the border could still be taken from families for a virtual wall that would add surveillance equipment and technology onto properties.

"We have the government saying they're planning to give land back," Garza said. "But on the other hand, they're saying they still may need to take some— to build a harmful virtual wall."

Garza says three out of seven of the Texas Civil Rights Projects border wall cases have closed, while the rest remain in limbo. 


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