Former Cameron County Judge to Appear in Court

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UPDATE (12:00 p.m.): Former Cameron County Judge Pete Sepulveda Jr. won’t stand trial after reaching an agreement with state prosecutors.

Jury selection was scheduled for Monday; instead the state dropped a charge of misappropriation of funds citing insufficient evidence.

Sepulveda was placed on the pre-trial diversion program for the other two charges against him.

His next court hearing is scheduled for June 2018.


BROWNSVILLE – A former county judge will be in court today. Pete Sepulveda Jr. is accused of abusing his position while in office. He’s facing charges of abuse of official capacity and misuse of funds.

Prosecutors claim the former Cameron County judge used the county's equipment, resources and staff to have a private road paved. They state it was to benefit a resident living on Freddie Gomez Road, which is located off of Highway 281, near Los Indios.

Residents who live in the area previously told CHANNEL 5 NEWS they’ve been asking for the road to be paved for years and don't think Sepulveda should be facing any charges.

We’ll continue to follow this case and bring you the very latest developments.


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