Former McAllen migrant shelter to serve as bus transit hub

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McAllen’s former temporary migrant shelter will soon serve as a transit hub for Metro McAllen.

The city has spent four years building a new transfer center for their public bus system. Soon, the contentious plot of land on 23rd Street and Trophy Drive that temporarily housed COVID-positive migrants will soon be a place where Metro McAllen bus riders will switch routes.

This will reduce the amount of time passengers spend on the bus.

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McAllen relocating temporary migrant shelter

Officials say this will impact routes 2, 3, 5, and 6. Those mostly impacted will be passengers headed to UTRGV.

Metro McAllen Director Mario Delgado says the project has been taking a while because the process is full of planning stages and approvals between the city, contractors and the federal government.

City officials say construction for this project will begin during the current month of August, but the exact start date is still unknown.

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