Grilling tips for Labor Day from Valley BBQ experts

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If you're getting ready to fire up the grill this Labor Day, two Valley BBQ experts have some tips to make sure you're cooking just right. 

Before you put on your apron and grab your spatula, three-year pitmaster and owner of T-Ghost BBQ in Weslaco Joshua Guerrero says whether you cook with charcoal or wood, make sure your fire has a lot of oxygen. 

Guerrero says the old-school trick of using binders like mustard, pickle juice, or soy sauce ensures the flavor sticks and penetrates the meat. 

Guerrero says tools like a thermal pen help you get a precise temperature read every time to avoid serving up dry meats. 

Last but not least, 11-year barbecue sauce expert and owner of The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauce, Lamar Jones, says when you're done cooking, wrap it up and top it off with some extra sauce for extra goodness. 

"That last five to ten minutes of the food being done, whether that's ribs or burgers," Jones said. "You want to put the sauce on there and allow it to cook again for another five to ten minutes. It allows the sauce to caramelize." 

Both BBQ experts encourage everyone to have fun and explore all flavor options on the grill this holiday.


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