Monte Alto man struggles financially after recovering from COVID-19

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After recovering from the coronavirus one Monte Alto man now is seeking financially help from Hidalgo County, but is having trouble due to his new health problems. 

Monte Alto Resident Johnny Benavidez had recently won the battle against COVID-19 in July. He had been hospitalized and intensive care unit. Months after recovering from the virus more problems arose. 

Benavidez now needs to be constantly hooked up to an oxygen tank to survive and has to calculate oxygen levels perfectly to avoid running out before his next refill. 

Along with his health struggles, Benavidez had to stop working which has left him in a tough spot financially. 

Benavidez said he has tried to get help from Hidalgo County, but is having a hard time actually getting the help, because of having to be hooked up to an oxygen tank.    

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