Mother of Border Patrol Agent Killed while Fishing Speaks to President

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MCALLEN – The mother of a Border Patrol agent killed while fishing with his family spoke with President Donald Trump Thursday.

The mother of a former agent, Marie Vega, stood before a panel of Washington leaders and reminded them no parent should bury their child.

Agent Javier Vega Junior was killed in 2014 by a man who was in the country illegally.

He was fatally shot while fishing with his father at a canal near Santa Monica.

Vega was not working but pulled out his service weapon attempting to protect his family.

Vega’s mother says she supports initiatives that could prevent human smuggling.

"We need the wall, and when I say we need the wall I don't mean just, 'build the wall'. There are other things we need to do also. We need to enforce immigration laws; we need tougher judges," she says.

Her testimony was well received by the president.

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