Polling location in Progreso closed due to worker shortage

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Editor's note: This story has been updated throughout. 

A polling location in Progreso is closed on Election Day due to a worker shortage. 

The Hidalgo County Elections Department said the polling location at the Progreso Community Resource Center is closed Tuesday because there's not enough workers to run the facility.

Voters are urged to find a nearby location to cast their ballots. 

Voters at the polling location said the issue will discourage others from voting. 

"Well, it's ridiculous because you just wait--you know where you can come vote, you live in the area and then it's closed," said Ana Garces, a Progreso resident. "If people don't know where to call or what to do, they won't express their vote. They won't vote because they get discouraged of going somewhere else, or they don't know where to go."

The polling location at the Mission Fire Department Training Room located at 415 W. Tom Landry is also closed, the Hidalgo County Elections Department announced Tuesday morning. 

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