UTRGV Professor Withholding Final Grades

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UPDATE (5/15): Students enrolled in an online course at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley have received grades. 

Last week, their lecturer emailed them saying he refused to submit final grades after the university failed to pay him for the overload course. 

A UTRGV spokesperson tells us all grades have been submitted and the lecturer's payment is being processed. 


EDINBURG – A lecturer at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley says he is withholding final grades.

He explained in an email to his students that he hasn’t been paid for an overload course and therefore will not submit the final grades for the semester.

A UTRGV spokesperson says he is getting paid for the courses taught. The spokesperson says he is not allowed to withhold final grades.

A statement by UTRGV reads:

“This is an internal issue that we are working diligently to resolve. We want to assure the students in this class that they will not adversely be affected in any matter by this situation.”

There are guidelines for faculty rights and responsibilities in the UTRGV Handbook of Operating Procedures.

It includes a professional conduct clause that says faculty is expected to adhere to standards and guidelines.

The UTRGV spokesperson says the lecturer failed to adhere to those measures.  


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