Woman Arrested at Progreso Bridge for Attempting to Smuggle Fentanyl

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PROGRESO – A woman was allegedly caught trying to get a powerful drug into the U.S.

Federal officials say they found it hidden in her clothes.

The drug, fentanyl, is known to be 100 times more potent than morphine.

The woman claimed the pills were for her ailing husband.

It happened Sunday at the Progreso International Bridge.

Officers discovered she was carrying 18 vials of fentanyl and 10 oxycodone pills.

According to the criminal complaint, she didn’t have a prescription for the purchase.

She was coming back into the U.S. and was questioned about the purpose for her visit.

The woman said she went to look around, but came back quickly because it got too hot.

Customs and Border Protection officers asked about another trip to Mexico on Friday and she gave the same answer; that’s when their secondary inspection turned up the drugs.

She also admitted to buying the drugs on several other trips to Nuevo Progreso.

The woman claimed her husband was in extreme pain.

She went before judge Tuesday morning and will be held in detention until a hearing Friday.


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