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Respite Centers Struggling to Meet High Demand of Migrants

Posted 9:16 PM 3/20/2019 by Taylor Winkel

MCALLEN - Staff at the Salvation Army says they are struggling to meet the high demand of migrants seeking shelter.

The city of McAllen asked the Salvation Army if they could shelter 200 asylum seekers from the streets.

Captain Stephen Correira from the Salvation Army says this is (More)


Immigrants Released by Gov't due to Maximum Capacity at Detention Centers

Posted 8:48 PM 3/19/2019 by Christian Von Preysing

MCALLEN – A local respite center is seeing an increase in immigrants released by the federal government.

Catholic Charities Respite Center says they've seen nearly 2,000 in just two days.

Sister Norma Pimentel says Border Patrol notified her that processing centers are at (More)

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