Researchers Assess Trauma Levels of Migrant Families Crossing into the US

Posted 4:48 PM 3/19/2019 by Valerie Gonzalez

MCALLEN – Many of the families who cross the border will end up passing through the respite center.

The recent influx of migrant families prompted a group of researchers to make a visit to learn about the trauma these families experience.

The group found the levels of trauma (More)


Local Woman Speaks Out About Ongoing Sexual Assault Case

Posted 8:46 PM 3/18/2019 by John Paul Barajas

WESLACO - A local woman says she is hoping for justice on her sexual assault case.

She says her case is still in court and her accused attacker is still living his normal everyday life.

"He’s still out there, from my understanding he's still working. I wasn't the only victim (More)

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