2 Probation Officers Fired Amid Investigation

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EDINBURG - An investigation is underway at the adult probation office in Edinburg. Two Hidalgo County probation officers are off the job amid the investigation.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office confirmed early Friday the investigation surrounds theft and bribery allegations.

It was referred to the sheriff's office by the Hidalgo County District Attorney's Office back in May.

In a statement, the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office said the investigation is ongoing and no further information will be released. 

 Adult Probation Executive Director Arnold Patrick said two probation officers have been fired. He said an assistant director of the probation department says it was his office that brought the matter to the DA's attention.

An assistant director of probation found discrepancies in one employee's file back in early May. After finding enough criminating evidence against him, the probation officer was fired. 

Patrick said his office immediately reported what they found to the DA's office. The probation office has continued to investigate since then and have since fired another probation officer.

Patrick did not release their names.

"I can tell you they've both been here longer than I have and I've been here 7 ½ years. We haven't found cases that go back that far at that point, it's all within the last year and a half, two years," Patrick said.

Patrick said his office has been busy looking into similar cases from all their probation employees. The probation office employs 150 probation officers. 

No charges have been filed at this time.

Patrick said the sheriff's office has asked him not to reveal any details about the nature of the discrepancies found in the two fired probation officers' paperwork. 

The probation office is conducting an internal investigation. 


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