5 On Your Side: Handbag repair shop working to return customers’ items

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Customers who dropped off their purses at the Handbag Clinic and Boutique in McAllen are wondering when they can go back to pick up their items.

One woman who spoke with Channel 5 News said she has two purses at the store with a combined value of $4,700, and has yet to hear back from the shop after multiple attempts to call them.

“We've been trying to contact them, and I was calling and calling, and I thought, ‘maybe they are busy,’” the customer who asked to not be identified said. “Then my son drove out there, and now it's locked."

Channel 5 News visited the location on 7001 N. 10th St. and saw a sign at the window saying the locks on the door were changed for a delinquency in rent payments.

The property manager confirmed the owner of the Handbag Clinic is behind on their rent, so she locked them out.

Customers also noticed something else.

“They had cleaned the store,” a customer said. “The items are gone, they had all the items for sale and the items are not there anymore.”

Tania, an employee at the Handbag Clinic, said items dropped off by customers are safe and were moved into storage before the locks were changed.

“I understand why people were so scared, these are their items, they are expensive,” Tania said, adding that the business is working to get the merchandise back to customers. “We just need a little bit of patience.”

The McAllen Police Department supervised a Wednesday exchange at the store where handbags were sorted and returned to customers. 

Those who still have items at the store are urged to contact the Handbag Clinic and Boutique by calling them at 956-877-9063, or by reaching out to them on their website.


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