5 On Your Side: Harlingen resident voices concern over cemetery conditions

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Overgrown grass and trees is not what Harlingen resident Vicenta Martinez wants to see when she visits her loved ones at the Harlingen City Cemetery.

"It's not a good site to come and see to celebrate their life for what they were here in this world for," Martinez said.

One example is a tree that has overgrown on top of the cemetery fence and a tombstone covered by brush.

"I feel like families shouldn't have to see that when they come and visit their loved ones," Martinez said.

Another concern Martinez has is toppled over headstones across the cemetery. 

"I feel like nobody cares about the cemetery," Martinez said.

The city of Harlingen sent out a statement regarding the cemetery's maintenance. They said they're not responsible for repairing broken headstones or cleaning them and that it is up to the families. 

But the city does acknowledge that their Parks and Recreation Department is in charge of cutting tree branches and grass.

Shortly after, city crews began cleaning up the cemetery and workers were hauling away truck loads of brush.

"It kind of upsets me, because I mean, it's something they should be doing constantly, not just because someone called and inquired about it," Martinez said. "I'm glad they are going to start doing it now, I assume so hopefully."

A city spokesperson says crews will continue clean up efforts into next week.


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