5’s Fans for Friends: Edinburg resident encourages donations to help beat the heat

By: Allysa Cole

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With feels-like temperatures averaging 100 degrees or more throughout the summer, one Edinburg resident says people are in dire need of cool air.

Joe Salinas has lived in the area for four years and says that even with the one fan in his home, he has to make adjustments to cool down.

Salinas says it's common to see people in his neighborhood with their windows and doors open - hoping to catch a breeze - because many of them are unable to afford a fan or AC window unit. 

To make a donation to our 5’s Fans for Friends campaign, click here.

Salinas said he hopes people donate to the 5's Fans for Friends campaign to help families in his neighborhood and others in need.

“People need help, and it’s nice to have people around that are actually doing things for others,” Salinas said. “Even if you don't get it for yourself, remember, God will bless you no matter what.”


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