8-liner game room now open in Elsa

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An 8-liner game room is open for business in Elsa, and more could be coming.

The 8-liners are legal, as long as the operators follow certain rules, but some people still have concerns.

The Jackpot Junction on 107 in Elsa is open for business. On the outside, you might not see the glitz of Vegas on the outside.  But inside, you will find the slot machines — minus the big cash prizes.

In Texas, gambling is illegal, but with certain exceptions, it is allowed.

Elsa resident Zeke Avila does not like his new neighbors.

"That they're going to make their profit, and it's going to be on the backs of the elderly and that's the demographic that generally visits these game rooms,” Avila said.

Avila says legally operating 8-liner game rooms in Elsa shouldn't have been allowed to begin with.

He believes the elderly, which are known to frequent the game rooms, already have a tough time breaking it even with living expenses.

The mayor of Elsa sees things differently.

"We're a small community, and any type of revenue that we can generate is going to help our community,” Elsa Mayor Alonzo Perez said.

There's a limit of how many game rooms can operate in Elsa, only five are allowed.

The last time Channel 5 News asked Elsa's police chief to weigh in on how he felt about 8-liners in his city, Chief Robert Mcginnis told us off camera he was concerned crime would go up, adding that he didn't have enough cops to patrol the streets.

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