African American history now offered as core requirement at STC

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For the first time, South Texas College is offering African American history as one of their core history requirements.

STC's history general education requirement used to be either American history, or Mexican-American history.

But an STC history instructor says they couldn't wait longer to add a Black history course.

"We saw what happened after George Floyd in Minnesota, I'm actually from Minnesota,” said STC instructor John Terry. “These issues keep on recurring over and over and every time we see it, people still want to discuss as if it's something new."

This decision comes as a relief for equality advocate Nathaniel Mata, who says he wishes he'd had a chance to enroll in a program like this.

"I had to learn a lot of this history on my own because I think a lot of this stuff is not taught at the level that I think it should,” said Mata, a Mission resident.


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