Alleged TXU Agent Dupes Cameron Co. Man over Termination Fee

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LOS FRESNOS - A Los Fresnos man said he was left with a hefty bill after switching electricity providers.

Jorge Ramos said he spends his time working around his home. Since he is on disability, he said he tries to save money.

He said a man who identified himself as a TXU Energy sales agent offered him a cheaper electric plan last July.

“(He) offered me a better deal, and of course the way things are right now I decided to change over,” he said.

Ramos was eager to save money and decided to make the switch. The sales agent told Ramos the company would take care of his termination fees with his previous electric provider.

“The termination fee, they said they were gonna take care of it,” he said. “And they didn’t take care of it and I’m having problems now.”

Ramos got a letter from a collector agency two months later. He said he couldn’t reach the sales representative to find out why. Every time he spoke to the agent, he assured Ramos he would look into the situation.

“He said he was gonna pay the amount and he hasn’t paid it. And I’ve been trying to call. He answers me, tells me he’s gonna come by but never does,” he said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted the salesman, Raymundo Castaneda, to see if there was miscommunication.

Castaneda said he no longer works for TXU Energy. He advised us to contact customer service.

We reached out to TXU Energy spokesperson Meranda Cohn about Ramos’ situation. She responded with the following statement:

“We strive daily to provide excellent service to our customers, and we always want to do the right thing. We have issued the credit to Mr. Ramos and are educating him on the steps he needs to take with his previous provider. We apologized to Mr. Ramos for the confusion regarding the process to get the credit to cover the cancellations fee from the previous provider. TXU Energy requires customers to provide a copy of the invoice from the other company to our corporate office, and then issues a credit on their TXU Energy bill. From there, it is up to the customer to pay the previous company.”

Cohn also mentioned they are analyzing the way the situation was handled by their contractor. They said they’ll use it as an example to improve training for contracted door-to-door agents, and their customers’ experience.

We asked Cohn if the salesman worked for their company. She said they are still looking into it and how it was handled.

The TXU Energy spokesperson said every contracted agent has a TXU Energy badge that includes their name, the vendor and an 800 number on the back to verify their status with the company.

Cohn said people should always contact the 800 number listed on their electric bill to avoid any confusion. She said they can also speak to someone in customer service if they find a mistake with their account.


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