Alton police officers to undergo new community training

By: Jay McCully

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Alton residents can expect a change in their local law enforcement.

The Alton Police Department is training its force to reduce harm between officers and the community.

The Active Bystander for Law Enforcement Project — or ABLE — teaches officers to limit mistakes, prevent misconduct, and promote wellbeing.

The project also prepares officers to intervene among their fellow officers if tensions were to arise.

After reviewing the program, the department found it beneficial due to the high strain of the job.

"When they respond to the next call, they can take proper actions to recognize, 'Hey, I'm going through, I went through a stressful event and I can calm myself down,'" Alton police Lt. Michael Martinez said. "So when they encounter the next person they're not frustrated, they're not over stressed, and they can provide the best person and to everyone they encounter." 

Two department supervisors will train officers at the department's training center. 

The training is free and all officers are expected to be certified within two months.


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