‘Be safe, get the vaccine’: DHR Health encourages people to get both doses of COVID-19 vaccine

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Did you miss your second dose appointment? You’re not alone. Health experts in the Valley say they’re seeing fewer people show up for their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine but say getting that additional shot is the key to gaining complete protection against the virus.

Unless you’re getting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, it’s safe to expect two injections of the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

“The second dose ensure that we have a vaccine antibody response that’s appropriate,” Chief Medical Officer at DHR Health, Dr. Robert Martinez, said.

According to experts, to reach Moderna’s 94% and Pfizer’s 95% efficiency rate, two doses are a must.

A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows most people are getting both doses, but about 8%, roughly 5 million people missed their second vaccine.

In the Valley, Martinez said health professionals also see a decrease.

Multiple factors, like work schedules, travel plans, or other conflicts, may be keeping people from rolling up their sleeves for a second time.

“As people see other people more confident,” Martinez said, “[Or] their relatives not in the hospital, they kind of forget about the second shot. Don’t forget about the second shot, it’s very important.”

Martinez said the fear of experiencing worse side effects should not hold people back; he says they’re a good sign.

“That tells you that your body really is reacting a little bit differently,” he said. “It’s really boosting your immune system to another level right, it’s working to get that immune response.”

If you couldn’t make it to your second dose appointment, you can call your vaccine provider or visit DHR Health to get your second dose there.

“Be safe, get the vaccine,” Martinez said. “It’s here, it’s free and we want to be doing as much as we can’t to vaccinate the region.”


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