Bert Ogden Helping Those Affected by Harvey

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY--Bert Ogden is helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey.
     The Bert Ogden auto group made all of their dealerships drop off locations for much needed supplies such as food, water, clothing, diapers along with other supplies for people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Saturday all of the supplies gathered at the auto groups dealership around the Valley were delivered to Fiesta Nissan in Edinburg. 
     "We had a convoy of 41 of our own trucks roll in. And so that's what they are doing right behind us right now unloading those 41 trucks of supplies for the hurricane relief," said Bert Ogden Chief Operating Officer Robert Lucio.
     Lucio said the event was more successful than expected. The supplies filled 5 18-wheelers and will be driven to affected areas Tuesday and given to the Red Cross.


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